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Semester GPA pre 1/C Year


MIDN nrotc
Good morning Airwarriors,

I know there are some people on this site that are extremely acquainted with the accession process and the various selection board criteria and I had a question about unofficial GPA records. I am currently studying French abroad (while on Overseas Study - all approved and endorsed by my command). One problem I am navigating is that my most recent semester GPA was not stellar: 2.92 semester GPA bringing my cumulative to 3.32. Physics II took its toll on my tier 3 brain.
However, this current semester I have really thrown myself into learning (my courses are almost entirely language and history, which are my strongest subjects), and I am anticipating a very high GPA. While this is good news for me generally, my school only considers abroad grades as p/f, even if they are nominally endorsed as partner programs. So I am worried that my GPA will be considered low for my ranking. At the end of the semester, I will receive a grade report with my letter grades for my courses. Can I submit this to have it informally considered by my command/service assignment board, or is last fall pretty firmly my last semester that will be considered?

Very Respectfully


Making Recruiting Great Again
Unless there’s some NROTC instructors on this forum strongly recommend you contact and talk to yours (your class advisor) to see what you can do to help out with your academic standing.

I would also suggest asking if taking summer classes around MIDN Summer Cruise blocks may help out.


Working Class Bum
Super Moderator
As a former NROTC instructor/advisor, my advice is to not spend too many brain cells worrying about it.

Like @FormerRecruitingGuru said, talk to your NROTC advisor about your concerns, but I doubt it will have any impact on your selection. BTW, your submitted GPA for selection is usually from your Junior year and doesn't take into account your Senior year GPA.