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Selection Night!

Uncle Fester

Robot Pimp
Super Moderator
Okay, what's up with the partially-obscured choices on the left side of the board? "Constant"? "Bulwark"? "Reaper"? I'm pretty sure we don't have any boats by those names...


A pilot is a pilot. An NFO is something else.
Super Moderator
^^Yep..they're usually on the left by themselves...and surprisingly aren't always the ones to go last. It gets pretty random when you get to the bottom of the class. There were even some MCM spots that went before San Diego based ships my year.


Making Recruiting Great Again
After factoring in port, class, etc., how do MIDs know which ships are "good" ships. I assume there must be some kind of gouge on the command climate?
Pretty much. Many ask their fellow alumni classmates about which ships to lean towards selecting and which ships to avoid selecting at all costs.