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RIP BlkPny


On Friday, March 14th, my father and hero, "BlkPny" passed away after a two-month battle with lung cancer. My family and I are heartbroken. We realize, however, that he loved AirWarriors and contributed to this website regularly. He wanted me to write him an obituary to post herein. Below is a cut-and-paste of what will appear in our local newspaper. Following is an obituary and poem written by his best friend and squadronmate that I will share. I'd love to hear stories about his contributions to this site and virtual friends he made.

Robert “Bob” Scholl (BlkPny) passed away on March 14, 2014 after a two-month battle with Lung Cancer. Born July 19, 1946 in Kansas City, Kansas, Bob was 67 years old. Just three months shy of retirement, he worked for over 15 years at L.A. Unified School District as a school inspector. After college, Bob served as a naval aviator, flying the OV-10 twin-propeller airplane. He flew over 360 combat missions in Vietnam and was awarded three Distinguished Flying Crosses for his aerial heroism. Following his tour in Vietnam, he was subsequently stationed in Stuttgart, Germany where he met his wife, Patricia (nee Schiavoni) of over 36 years.

Following Bob’s naval service, he and Patricia moved to Southern California where he established himself as a sought-after residential contractor. Together they had three children. Bob enjoyed coaching AYSO and Little League, participating in Boy Scout activities, hunting and fishing. He loved the mountains and was a regular at the Live Oak dog park every day after work.

Bob is survived by his wife and three children: Lieutenant Allyson (Bret) of San Diego, Captain Adam of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, and Kaley of San Diego. Both Allyson and Adam followed in Bob’s footsteps in the service of their country as naval aviators.


On behalf of the members of Replacement Class Six, we are saddened to say that our close friend and former squadron mate, Bob Scholl, passed away last evening at 2330. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in January of this year and has been hospitalized for much of February and March.
He is survived by Pat, his loving wife of forty years and his three children Allyson, Adam and Kaley, who were all with him throughout his ordeal. For those of you who did not know Allyson and Adam followed in Bob’s footsteps as Naval and Marine aviators.

For his service with Light Attack Squadron Four, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as several other combat-related awards. And, most importantly he earned the respect and admiration of his fellow officers
His contribution to the Black Pony Squadron culture was not insignificant during his time in-country, most notable for his “Head Up and Locked Award” narratives and humorous personality. He was a dear friend and inspiration to many of us and his sense of humor and friendship will be sorely missed.
Subsequent to his tour with VAL-4, Bob served as an Intelligence Officer with USEURCOM in Stuttgart, Germany with his former Commanding Officer.
Bob joins the many who have gone before - all missed and all remembered.
Services will be held in Manhattan Beach at a date, time and facility to be announced.
Godspeed my friend ...

Final Flight ©
This scene I still recall when I
was early in my prime,
when days of playing airplane tag
still occupied my time.
The scent of sweat stained G-suits and
my gamy skully cap
inside the metal locker with
my other flying ...
The slamming locker doors and voices
gearing for the fun,
the laughter few will ever know
... except the lucky ones.
Familiar comrades gather,
all together many years,
through many missions all for one,
through victories and through tears.
We choose up sides and brief the fight,
each leader and his wing,
“We’re headin’ for another fight,
Let’s go and do this thing!”
Clad not unlike the Samurai,
true weapons at our sides,
we reach our shiny metal steeds
and mount our mighty rides.
It feels like home, this small cocoon
wherein we each reside
to once again become as one
to face the other side.
Our preparations now complete,
each memorized by heart
before the time each samurai
is scheduled to depart.
A gentle nudge, the stallion moves,
now steeled against the fear
each warrior feels before the fight
as destiny grows near.
One final checklist now at hand,
once done, it’s now my time
“Pony Lead is holding short,
request a burner climb.”
“Pony flight, position and hold
Lead, give this crowd a show.”
“The winds are calm, Godspeed to you,
you’re cleared a section go.”
The nose comes up, the ball turns blue
and all I see is sky.
I add more power slowly as
I feel my feathers fly.
A glance at four o’clock, she’s in
position on my wing
and steady as a rock no matter
what our fates might bring.
What majesty above our land
from sea to shining sea,
We few and proud were always first
to fight to keep her free.
The stillness all that’s left, there’re
no more missions to be flown.
A faceless voice intones, “Hey Pony,
time we head back home.”
This backseat’s always had my back,
my phantom NFO.
The Latin on His name tag says
His call sign’s “D-E-O”
Six target’s up at twelve o’clock
their auras all aglow.
On bearing for my rendezvous
pre-briefed so long ago.
My time to break, one final kiss,
a silent wave goodbye,
and to my life long wingman,
“Tally Ho ... and Semper Fi.”
“Pony out”


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On behalf of the members of Replacement Class Six, we are saddened to say that our close friend and former squadron mate, Bob Scholl, passed away last evening at 2330.,
Adios BlkPny, fellow Vietnam Warrior... you're pain free now. We were lucky, unlike so many others, we got to come home, having survived hundreds of missions. We got to rejoin our families, watch our children grow and thrive, and even to greet Grandkids into the family, where so many did not. So we were so fortunate. And you VAL-4 dudes were awesome!:)
So Sayonara brother 'Birdman', I'll be at the "big rendezvous" anon.;)

My sincere condolences to the entire Scholl family.:(
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NVN Ejection '66
Cancer - '10 - ?:eek:



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RIP BlkPny. One thing that always strikes me is that you chat with someone on the forum for so long but have no idea what their history is or what they've accomplished. Incredible what he did and my condolences to your family.


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Wow...missed this until now. The Black Ponies were very accomplished and set the example for thinking out of the box and supporting their NSW brothers 24/7. I really enjoyed having Bob on the forum and chatting about his service and tying it to the New Black Ponies.


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Fair winds and following seas to him, from a current Stuttgartian. And I hope you and the rest of the family can find some comfort in happy memories of a great man.

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The OP...
Sorry for your loss. I had the honor of serving with two very valiant veterans of VAL-4 while on active duty. Their stories were both amazing and, frankly, scary as heck. They would, with some regularity, be scrambled to their aircraft in the dead of night, roll for takeoff immediately after start, clean up, claw for some altitude, and then "roll-in" on their own fence lines, where "Victor Charlie" was coming through the wires. Sheesh…

"Where did we get such men?"