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Resting before PFT?


New Member
I've been doing Armstrong pull-up and Killer's crunch workout Monday-Friday for a while to get ready for the PFT. I have one this Wednesday morning. Should I rest Monday and Tuesday, do light calisthenics, or continue my normal program for those two days? Any advice is appreciated.


Rhino Bro
It varies from person to person. I do best with a taper. I'd do half of your normal workout on Monday, a light jog to work up a lather and stretch Tuesday, and then do work on Wednesday. Don't neglect the diet though---don't eat anything out of the ordinary leading up to the PFT and hydrate!

But what works for one guy may not work for another.


Depends. Are you barely getting 20 pullups? If yes, then take the day before off. If you're easily knocking out 25 or 30+ then don't worry about it.

The only workout I won't do before a PFT is a leg day in the gym. F that.


Solidly part of the 42%.
Almost everybody does best with a taper. The Armstrong program is awesome, but I would go ahead and lay off, stay stretched out, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate for two days.

...Or you could smoke yourself silly for the next 48 hours and see how you do.


I nice relaxing shower the morning of the PFT relaxes your muscles. I tried that and it worked for me.


New Member
Thanks for the tips. Did 18/100/21:41 for a 267. Needs to get better, but as a first PFT I think it should make a good baseline.

I actually did over 20 pullups, but a few didn't count. Time to work on making sure I get that full dead-hang.


New Member
I can't imagine a carb load would have helped me. I never ran low on energy during the run. My legs just got worn out thanks to my involuntary 4-week vacation from running. Stupid foot injury.


New Member
I am confused about this Killer’s Crunch Workout. It says on day 5 “Do as many crunches as possible in 2 minutes just like the PFT.” ?? So are they talking about sit-ups in this program or crunches? It would be great if someone could clarify this, thanks.