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Reserve, unsure need answers


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I'm 18, getting out of highschool in three weeks. my grades are not too good. The only math i took was algebra one. no geometry or above. I know that nrotc is kind of an out of reach option unless i have nearly perfect SAT scores.

I was thinking of going into the reseves and junior college at the same time, then go in through PLC,Academy,OCS, or Nrotc with\or with out scholarship.

Any opinions, advice, or more options.
Is this a right path for someone in my position.

I was fixed on going for nrotc begganing of the year, but i found a girl, which made me think twice about this and in the process i might have pissed off a few recuirters. But i learn my lesson.

Also i have trouble finding info on enlisted reserve.



Your pretty much in the same position I was in a year ago. Your a little late for nrotc and the academy unless your willing to wait a year and apply. If you decide to attend a junior college, nrotc would not be an option for you because they do not have a cross-town agreement policy like the other services. I'm assuming you wish to join the marine corps since you listed PLC. If so, talk to your local officer recruiter ASAP. PLC is a really good program, especially for those who missed out on rotc or the academy, and you can apply as early as your freshman year in college. As for the reserves, I really can't help you much on that one. It's all up to you. If you decide to join the reserves, you do take a risk of getting deployed which might delay your plans for a year or two. I actually know a reservist who got pulled from college and was sent to Iraq the middle of fall semester. On the other hand, two fellow PLC candidates in my district are in the reserves and they said if you get selected, PLC supersedes any orders you might be given while in the reserves. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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Would you have the option of waiting a year and taking classes at a community college before making a decision? If you're bent on being an officer, you obviously need to get a degree, but a college will likely not even accept you without meeting its requirements, which are usually three years of math. USNA is pretty much out of reach. If you were to enlist right now, and I'm not very familiar with the MECEP program, but it is competitive, and good grades are a must. If you haven't demonstrated that for four years, there is little chance they will accept you for it.

If you take a year at a community college and get up to speed enough to gain entrance to and succeed at a four year school, it's a different playing field, but right now it's an uphill battle.