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Reserve to OCS question


New Member
I have been trying to google an answer for this, but can't seem to find any. If anyone has experience or knowledge about reserve to OCS, please help:

I am 24 years old, and recently received my green card. I am currently running a small business, I pay taxes and provide job opportunities to Americans, and I still feel that I am not contributing enough to this country.

I have always wanted to join the military, in high school I talked to a Marine recruiter but wasn't eligible due to my student visa so I went off to college and finished. Recently I have been talking to OSO recruiters, and they told me to enlist in the reserve first, once I finish my initial training (Boot camp + MOS school), I can submit a package for OCS.

My question is: OSO recruiter is telling me by enlisting reserve, as soon as finishing initial training, I can apply for OCS regardless of rank. If I go active enlist, I won't be eligible for OCS until reaching the rank of E-5 or above. Is this true? I know with my college degree I will be at least a PFC when finishing MOS school, or maybe even a Lance Corporal. Can I apply for OCS as a Reserve PFC? This just doesn't quite make sense.

I need to enlist first to get my US citizenship when I finish boot camp, which will give me eligibility for OCS.