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Post Service Flying/Non-Flying Jobs

What type of jobs are there for NFO's after the service? I've come across the AEW P-3 that CBP flies. Just thinking about the long-term. I'd like to stay in the government, but not a deal-breaker. I've also considered the airlines (if I go FO and acquire the required ratings over my career). Additionally, are there any gov agencies that NFOs have found a high amount of success in (aviation contractors, federal LE, etc.)?Any feedback/advice is appreciated.

BTW Is it possible to pick up an Instrument ASEL rating through NFO flight school if one already has their PPL?

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If you're strictly asking about flying jobs: CBP, as you mentioned, and contractor/gov't flight test. Obviously NFOs have gone on to other flying jobs on the outside, but they were with hours/quals that they got on their own. CBP and flight test are about the only jobs your Navy resume alone will qualify you for.

NFO flight school doesn't qualify you for anything except being an NFO. All your NFO flight time is SCT, which doesn't count for shit. Unless you want to fly for CBP or flight test.


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On my last American Airlines flight the guy landed like he was an NFO...and only an NFO. :eek:


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Flying jobs...if you get the requisite hours with a stick on your own, then your chances are at least as good as anyone else.

Non-flying jobs...the sky's the limit, but don't limit yourself to just aviation. You'll be a former military officer, ostensibly with leadership and management experience wherever you were in the service. Pick your poison. You'll have vet's preference at government jobs.