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Pinterest...warning! Very Addicting


Proud Navy Wife!
Hi Spouses!

I've noticed there hasn’t been much activity on the spouses forum for some time now, and I thought this was perfect to share with everyone. You may have already joined Pinterest, but if you haven’t check it out and if you need an invite just let me know!

This site is amazing. Get creative ideas to spruce up your home, delicious recipes and cute baking ideas. Endless amounts of ideas to share with friends, but like I said in the title...it can get addicting. What better to do with your spare time when your significant other is spending countless hours studying away!



standard-issue stud v2.0
My wife's head has all but exploded since she found out about that place. Hopefully she can turn some of her creative energy into cash with an etsy (sp?) shop.


Well-Known Member
The bad thing about Etsy (or good maybe?) is there are 50 million shops selling the exact same thing. Hopefully she'll have something to catch someones eye, there's a lot that have already been done.

Another option besides Etsy is Hyena Cart, a work at home mom selling site with lower fees but the interface isn't as nice as Etsy.

Just an FYI.

And yes, Pinterest is fun if you have the time :)