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PERS-911 won't release from IRR to USAFR


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Gee, in October the Navy seemed eager to purge the masses from the IRR... this is bureaucracy for its own sake.

If it were me I would start pulling out knives and be asking my Congressman/Senators' offices for help.


Was the back-channel advocacy necessary from @grose3 and Mongo? Any tips for others here on how to do what you did?
I think it was. When my 368 was submitted, they probably looked at 288/17, said this guy's just trying to get out, he has 2 years left! Denied! But going in the back way, they were able to get the context of my request - I'm not particularly useful to the Navy where I am, my career isn't going anywhere here anyways, and the Air Force is hurting for rated aviators. I composed a memo explaining my situation and request and I believe it took an exception to policy at the PERS-9 level. That's just my take on it and I could be wrong.

@snake020 That was my next step. I was just about to call them before this.