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Percentage of classes without a jet option

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Like many, I am interested in the Navy primarily because of the potential to fly fast jets, although I realize that I need to go into the Navy with flexibility and willingness to fly something else if jets don't work out. With that in mind, I would still like to get an idea of the likelihood that the class I'm in has jet slots. I've heard a lot of "sometimes your class will have ten jet slots, sometimes zero" but I haven't been able to get an estimate, or even a vague ballpark of the frequency that the latter situation occurs.

  1. If it's a statistic that anyone has an idea of, what are the odds I am in a Primary class that has no jet slots?
  2. Current NAs, about how many jet slots did your class have?


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I finished primary in November and kept track of the selections from the time I checked in to the time I left (8 months). Every single week had at least 1 jet slot. There weren't any weeks with zero. Average was probably 3.


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Well-played, but at the end of the day, you're just asking the same question and trying to do the math backwards.

Plan to have no jet slots. When there are slots, hope you did your best. Get selected? Rejoice. Or don't, depending on how you identify. Bottom line, get the commission first, then worry about everything else.
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