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Old S-2 & S-3 drivers still around??


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My memory may have made his story fuzzy. Now help me out here. I never flew with a buddy store. Wasn't it simply mounted to the rack? You can pickle directly from the rack with no TER, correct? That is how guys accidentally pickled off entire TERs. One of our DHs did it twice in his VS career and he was a prior light attack Vietnam cruise guy. When we did 30 degree dives with dumb bombs I smashed buttons on the POS arm panel but the pilot took aim and dropped. I remeber him saying it was a dive. Did I remeber wrong, not a possible tactic with the classified deadly buddy store?
It was mostly the arming panel that caused issues and yes you could drop from a TER but not a MER. You had to be really careful to be sure you got the correct ,Armed Light., You could drop from the TER or the Pylon.. In the case of the buddy store, “they” (COTAC) simply armed the wrong switch. Left instead of right. Arming of Harpoons and Mavericks were different and didn’t use the Arming Panel. Tried to find a picture but gave up after wasting to much time and brain cells. Once you see it again it will clear a little hazy or make it worse.