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OCS Name Stencil Font?


New Member
Hello Ladies and Gentleman,
I was wondering if anyone knew the type of stencil font that is used at OCS? I know they issue you a stencil kit but I want to make name tapes prior to going and there is a wide variety of the type of stencil fonts that are out there that dub themselves "Military stencil fonts". I know Microsoft word has a "Stencil" font, but it does not seem to be the right one. Any and all help is much appreciated.
Thank You



Well-Known Member
You'll have plenty of time to kill during in processing, I wouldn't worry about making tapes beforehand dude. Tapes should be on the bottom of the list of worries for you right now.


New Member
You're going to be disappointed when you show up with all of these pretty name tapes and they're the wrong font, and even if they're right they'll make you throw them all away beforehand anyways. You can make a bunch in in-processing once you get there and you have nothing to do. Put them all over the inside of your foot locker and wall locker. Like literally 50 or 100. It's so much easier when you sleep 7 hours a night because you're not up until 2300 remarking all your gear.

Also, I suggest buying a few rolls of Kendall tape. It's waterproof medical tape that survived the quigley and e-course dirt free. It was a pretty well kept secret in my platoon, as the whole platoon used it and the SI's couldn't see the difference. Other platoons were not so lucky.

Also, watch out for the priors. Half of them will help you, the other half will seriously fuck you over, and act like SI's most of the time.


"I live vicariously through myself."
If you show up in shape with the materials memorized that you're suppose to have memorized, you'll be good. If you get caught bringing stuff in pre-made like that, you're going to draw attention to yourself. Not the good kind either.