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OCS May 26th

Newport On Time Rides

Prebook at www.newportbase.com
Welcome to Newport OCS!
We offer rides from PVD (TF Green) Providence airport to on the Newport Navy Base.
We are waaay cheaper than a taxi and won't leave you outside the gate like uber or lyft. We have been serving military on the base for 4years

Prebook on your phone or online: www.navalstationnewport.com

If the time slot is booked call Tim at 401-263-3037 We will fit you in! We can take 4 people at a time

We have 24/7 base access and are recommended by the 3 Hotels on base. We have been serving OCS indocs for almost 4 years. Please Check past classes for positive reviews.
Hey guys, just found out I’ll be joining the May25th class :) For anybody who’s staying at Navy Gateway on Saturday, let’s meet up and get to know each other a bit!


New Member
I will be at the Gateway. Gonna have to grab a couple supplies from the Commissary as it is. Should be in around 1300-1400.