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NUPOC Interview 4/28

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Just learned last night that I got picked for the April 28 NUPOC Interview. Is anybody else here going to that one? Wasnt nervous about the interview before but now oh man its coming up fast. :eek:


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I hear ol' Rickover really puts you through your paces!



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If Rickover were still alive, I bet he would. There are some crazy stories out there about Rickover interviews... like being locked in a closet for a few hours to see if you can handle tight spaces...
I'd heard Admiral Bowman did his interviews from behind the desk while using that desk to hold up his feet.
But now it's Admiral Donald, whom I have not heard stories about. I saw him once, from a short distance, he seemed easy going enough, but that doesn't mean anything. I get to meet him in a couple of years for my interview.
Good luck.

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etnuclearsailor said:
If Rickover were still alive,
Speaking of Rickover, does anyone know what happend to Yogi Kaufman? Couple years ago in a Chinese restaurant Adm Kaufman came over to my table and asked me - "Scottie, remember me from Mare Island?" I knew immediately it was the drop dead blonde that I was with that had caused his memory failure. He joined us and we had a two hour chat. Gave me his telephone number, turned out he lived near-by. Days later I called him to get him to sign his two books, told him it was "Scottie from Mare Island". He was taken aback, said he knew no one named "Scottie", then remembered the blonde and we both had a good laugh. Summary: he ended up talking my son out of going Nukes, recommended instead Air.

He no longer is at the number that he gave me.


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I interviewed for surface nuke back in january. I'll tell you, it was the longest day ever, but it was pretty cool. Just try not to be nervous, and realize that even though you feel like you don't know anything, you obviously know enough because they picked you to interview. GOOD LUCK!


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I went on the nupoc interview back in october, its only stressful if you let the people around you get to you...there were atleast 20 people in my group and only one guy got asked back up stairs for a 3rd question, the rest of us only got two questions. the 3 question guy was a current enlisted sailor going for instructor, so i don't know if that had anything to do with it...

that interview book is pretty good in terms of giving you the right types of problems to work (id work all the ones in your major area and all the math), but the thing it doesn't stress enough is that it is an interview and no so much a test. sure you have to answer questions, but it's important to talk to the interviewer like you know what's going on...talk about past experiences in some lab, think about problems you had with a particular lab and how you went about solving those problems (typical interview questions that all other major corporations would ask)

I got my degree in physics and was asked two questions by the first guy and 1 question by the second guy...and the second guy took a little linger than the first. I finished his problem in about a minute and then we just talked for like 20 minutes about what i'd been doing in my job (i already graduated at the time) and then i asked him questions...(you might want to think of some questions that you'd really like to know and not something that can easily be found in a google search)

I'm going to be an instructor...someday...my training date keeps getting pushed back, it was january...now its august...but that's how it goes...
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