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Nov 25 2018 OCS

Checking in to this class. Was set to ship out on the 4th; had some delays on some clearance paperwork. Looks like some extra time to PT and study Appendix B. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
You make a lot of heat running so as long as we're well stretched it should actually be better. Theres a reason marathon world records get set in low temperature!
As much as I enjoy cold weather, I'm sure it'll be uncomfortable to run in at the very least! Looking forward to going though.
I had heard if it's too cold, there's an indoor, smaller track that we'll be running around 20 or so times to hit the mile and a half. I could be wrong though. Between growing up in CA and living in SC, the extreme cold is going to take some getting used to. Good thing I'm "old" and get "bonus" minutes :D. Hopefully I won't need them. We will adapt and overcome.
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