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New deals for mil/vets

Hair Warrior

Well-Known Member
Backcountry - 15% off, activate by chatting with a customer service rep thru web chat once you’ve decided on your purchase

Moosejaw - ID.me 15% off online

North face - 10% off, in stores only

Lululemon - a whopping 25% off in stores, but we were told can’t buy an item for someone else. (My wife and I went to checkout register together one day, tried to buy her a women’s size using my discount, store said sorry. Wife went back another day months later, showed her red laminated DoD dependent ID, said she was buying a men’s item for me, store did give her the discount and added it to her Lulu acct for future purchases.)

None of the above apply if an item is already on sale at a deeper discount (i.e. doesn’t stack).

Hair Warrior

Well-Known Member
YMMV. The Lulu salesperson didn’t seem to know what they were doing. They may have hand-jammed the 25%. Or maybe it was only 20% and I am mistaken.


It's at the discretion of the individual store. The Lululemon in Savannah gave us 25% off all items, full price or sale.


Well-Known Member
I don't know if Moosejaw still does it but it used to be the case that if you wrote a review of one of their products you would get like 15% off the next item you purchased. I would buy something cheap, like socks... write a review, get the voucher then buy a $300 Arcteryx jacket.