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Never really been a Runner Or haven't run in forever?


New Member
**A little background story on where i was fitness wise, you can skip this and get to the program if you wish**

I have been stalking this page for a couple months now getting information and I figured I would come on here to contribute what I can to those who may hate running as much as I USED to (3 months ago)...

There are tons of programs out there and I guess like someone else said once on here, different programs work for different people. One thing I noticed too is many of these Programs seemed to assume someone could even Run 3 Miles without stopping... This may intimidate some I think out of frustration..

I have been in Law Enforcement for Several Years now (Started Full Time Law Enforcement in 2005 while in College) ...

Well after being involved in a lengthy investigation after a couple of Shootings involving me and in a matter of a month a part ...it really changed my life... I have had some soul searching time and determined Law Enforcement was not for me...I allowed it to distract me for so long for what I said I would always do because I did very well in it but I was not happy anymore. Regardless for a few years if I go Active Duty I will be loosing money but I gotta say its not about the money I have learned when you consider the other benefits.

I finally was motivated to revisit my dream of becoming an Aviator and of course for those College Graduates out there I tend to find the Marine Corps the best Option to get a chance to fly over the other Services...

During my career I did a lot of running of course but nothing that would work for the Marines... Sitting stationary in a car, jumping out and running down someone in short distance means crap when your trying to run 3 Miles ... I am VERY FAST Short Range... That being said I am a bottle rocket sadly.

I am even on our Special Tactics Team... I found myself falling into the whole trend of what every single Swat/Srt team member does for some reason at our department and some of the others I encounter (even prior service guys do this)...

Go to the agencies Gym, run a mile or so on a tread mill just for cardio and lift weights , build huge muscles and talk about how lethal we were... What good has this done for me and my PFT Scores? I sucked... Not to mention it seems to make Pull Ups harder I assume from the weight.

**The Program**

For those of you who, for whatever reason, are just getting into running after really not doing much of it in a long time maybe this may help you. It may be somewhere else on this page I just didn't see it...


Now there are some modifications I have done to this .... Having not been a long distance Runner I found some of this to be a bit too easy on some weeks so I stuck with the program but went up to the 3rd or 4th week and held it for 2 weeks rather than one...

Now a couple/three months ago I would have died trying to continuously run for 3 solid miles.. Now I can run/jog 3 miles and can accomplish it in say 26-27 Minutes using this Program to get to pace.. Doing what I talked about above I found myself completing the Final (week 9) in about 7-8 Weeks and beating the 3 Mile in 30 Minute Pace at a 26-27 Minute Pace without trying too hard...

I do like the program because it does break down short attainable goals that gives you a boost of confidence every time you meet your next mark.

So I am going to hold on to this another week or two then start going for better times and trying some of the other programs...I can't see going from 26 to 22/21 to be that far off I think...

Anyhow, sorry for long post I hope this helps someone.


I've heard of this program, sounds like a solid way to get started for those who need to get back on the bus. +1.


Space Cadet
Couch to 5k worked for me. Get the podcasts, they are pretty cool. I went from barely able to run a half mile to doing 5ks a few months later.