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Need PFT advice. Show up to first PFT not doing so hot or wait until I can?


New Member
I just got back into the hard training routine. I am doing the killer’s crunch program, Armstrong program, and just running 4 times a week. I was slacking because I was working a lot of overtime at work before. I will not work anymore overtime from here on out the way things are looking right now. My pull-ups have fallen back down to 12 and my sit-ups are 100 and my run is horrible. I was at 21min now I have fallen to 24min. I am applying for an OCC slot. My OSO has been having PFT every month or two. I have missed a few. I don’t want to show up to my first PFT and look like crap. Is it better to show up to my first PFT and every PFT after not doing so hot and show my dedication, or just wait until my scores are through the roof then show up for the first one? I know I can give myself 3 months to get times for a 300 from here on out. I don’t want all the other PLC guys to blow me out of the water and my OSO think I am not dedicated.


Well-Known Member
Show up to every PFT to show that you're committed. I would be more impressed with someone that goes from a 230 to a 300 than somebody who just walks in with a 300.


FS SNA, March 25th OCS
When are you planning to submit your app? To my knowledge, the next active duty board will be held in August for the October class. That being said, you've got all the time in the world...unless you're doing PLC, then I don't know what kind of timeframe you're working with.

If I were you, I'd pft at least every month, starting now. The practice cant hurt, and you'll show dedication and (presumably) constant improvement. None of those scores matter until board time anyway.

Just my 2¢. Best of luck.

Oh yeah, and join a crossfit gym. You wont regret it, and will probably meet some Marines while you're there. They love that stuff, and it'll prepare you for OCC much better than just the three workout methods you mentioned.


Well-Known Member
I would try to show up to as many PFT's as possible. It's one thing to train for all of the events but different to actually run each event, in order and minimal time apart. Not to mention the additional pressure felt during the event and that extra kick in the pants that you feel while running it. Obviously you want to submit the best score, but actually running one will show you where you are most deficient.

Most of all don't feel sorry for yourself. You have identified what made your PFT score drop now fix it. From here on out nobody wants to here excuses, only solutions or answers.

Good luck!