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Naval Academy Admission


New Member
I was wondering if any one could help me by giving me some information. Back a few years ago I moved from a town I had lived in for awhile. I began f****** up in school. I failed the 8th grade. Since then I got my act together. I join a school that was over the internet to catch up. I was in it for my 9th grade year and am still in it for my 10th. I plan to go back to regular high school next year and graduate. My dream is to go to the Academy and be a Naval Aviator, Naval Aviator-Marine. Would my case make the Academy look me over for an Admission? Please reply A.S.A.P


New Member
Academics, extra-curriculars, volunteer work. And when I say academics, I mean you better be taking lots of AP/honors and getting As in almost everything. I know a few people who did absolutely stellar in high school and were still denied admission to the Academy. It's very competitive.


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I don't know how they'd view an online High School, but perseverance counts for a lot. I graduated from High School with a 1.96 GPA, with no extracurricular activities (because of grades). After four applications to the Naval Academy (enlisting in the Marine Corps, and going to a state college helped too), I was finally accepted and graduated in '98.


New Member
I agree with phrogpilot. Never give up on it if it's your dream. I've worked as a admissions partner with the Coast Guard Academy for the past four years and I can tell you appointments to any of our service academies are VERY competitive. The Academies are all looking for a candidate with a well rounded background, to include not only advanced coursework in school, but community service, athletics and any other extracurricular that displays your leadership potential. Test prep for the SAT or ACT and submit a strong score as well. At Coast Guard we have a number of applicants that are passed over the first time, attend a year of civilian college or prep school junior military college (such as Naval Academy Prep, New Mexico and Marion Military Institutes) and are admitted on second or third try. This is often the case regardless of Academy choice and like phrogpilot also mentioned, a number of appointments are made from the enlisted ranks. Let me know if you have specific questions, after all...I'm also one of those examples of perseverance as I received a nomination to Annapolis out of high school, failed to achieve appointment and 20 years later will finally be sworn in as a Navy Reserve officer. Stay after it and work hard--it will be worth it. :icon_wink