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NAMI paperwork

I'm hoping to find someone on here who had had a similar situation or knows of anyone at NAMI in Pensacola that could help me out.

I signed an air contract earlier this year and went down to Pensacola for the flight physical shortly before leaving for Marine OCS this summer. I was disqualified for what the doc thought was a retina hole and was told to go home and find a specialist that could perform a surgery to save my vision. I went to a retina specialist who has been doing that for a bout 30 years and he told me that the doc that examined me was wrong and that there was nothing wrong with my eye. From there I left for OCS this summer thinking that I would get another shot to go to Pensacola when I got back. My paperwork is currently still sitting in Florida waiting for a decision. I guess I'm just confused as how their decision is going to be made. One one hand the navy doc thinks I have a rare disease and the other says I don't have anything wrong. Is their decision going to be based solely on the two examinations I've had? Doesn't make sense that I couldn't find a navy doc that specializes in retinas to clear up the issue. I would appreciate any feedback. My OSO hasn't been very helpful and I'm scheduled to leave for TBS in a few months.