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Moving to TBS w/Spouse


I apologize. I was not aware of this rule. May I post something similar in Marine Corps TBS? I would just prefer to have several different takes on this and maybe some people won't necessarily be looking in "Spouses Corner", but may be looking in "Marine Corps TBS".

Thank you.

That's ok, no worries about the double thread.
You can have a thread with this topic in this forum or the TBS forum, but not both, or any other forum for that matter.


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I would recommend just finishing your nursing degree and staying where you are. He won't be in Quantico long enough to make it worth moving there and if you try to finish around Quantico before he leaves TBS you will end up in the same scenario. He will work long days during TBS (usually 6am-7pm with days at a time where you won't see him at all) so he won't see you much during the week. You live close enough to see him every weekend.

My wife is trying to get into a nursing school and it is really hard for her now that I'm active duty with upcoming moves, deployments, etc. If you pass this chance up at nursing school it may be a while before he settles down into a location and you can go after it again. Might as well knock it out now.


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Usually I am all for the spouse going where the servicemember goes. However, staying in school is paramount....PARAMOUNT. Nobody here is going to convince you not to get married between OCS and TBS. You probably have your deposit in on the venue and all that stuff. However, you need to stay in one place and finish school. My wife and I carried on long distance for FOUR years before we got married. We got married the weekend after she graduated from college. It's that important. And it's that important for more than one reason, too.

The one caveat I have is that if you look deep down and find that you don't intend to be a nurse and you don't want to work long term, then don't waste your money on school. This is especially salient for women.


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Just another voice chiming in to say that in this situation, I'd finish school at the university of my choice, and then meet up with the fiance after I graduated.