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Monitor / assignments


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AWers - would appreciate some insight into how this works.

My ADSC ends next year, roughly coincident with my current orders. I am going to meet with my monitor prior to the end of the year. I know what I will be requesting to do next, and if that’s not what is in the cards for me then I will likely drop papers.

Even if the monitor says that what I am requesting to do are the orders I will be given some months from our meeting, there is still a chance those orders will change based off of any number of variables at any time between my convo with the monitor and me PCSing... correct? Basically, there are no guarantees?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but once I receive orders I cannot resign, and I have to complete those orders.

Seems like a pretty bad proposition, for me at least.


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In general, monitors won't 'promise' anything during roadshow (unless you volunteer for something hard to fill..29 Palms/Oki). They have to wait on results of promotion and PME board results to see what puzzle pieces are left to work with.

If you look at MCO 1300.8, it addresses resignation in lieu of orders. Basically you have 10 days to drop papers, once you've been notified that you're getting PCS'ed.

So, you've got outs if shit goes sideways with your next assignment.