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Marine OCS Contract...What does it really mean


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First, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this site, it is a great tool for someone looking at joining one of the armed forces.

I am a college sophomore applying to the Marine Corps PLC program. Based on the timeline I am facing it looks like I will be eligible for next years review boards, which, if accepted, would place me into the 10 week program in Quantico. I have researched threads on this site regarding the contract portion of the process but I am still confused. The way I have been explained and understand it is that once I provide my OSO with all of the required paperwork I will contract to the Marine Corps to be able to have my package presented at a review board. Once I'm accepted I will go to OCS in the summer. If I think the Marine's are right for me I can withdraw from OCS after 7 weeks. What I do not understand is what is the obligation after I contract? Does this mean that I am required to go to OCS, or could I change my mind between contracting and the review board? Would I even be able to change my mind after the review board before going to OCS, or am I required to attend OCS?

I am motivated and determined to go through with this process and understand the weight of the decision I am making. I am just someone who likes to have options on the table and completely understand what I am signing up for. Thanks again!


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Your OSO will answer all of these questions for you, you just have to ask them.

Also- OCS is your first 10 weeks in the Marine Corps, but it isn't any type of indicator of what the Marine Corps is like. You don't decide at OCS that you don't want to be a Marine. If you quit, you're deciding that you don't want to endure what it takes to become a Marine, that's all.

But something more important- what kind of sailplanes do you fly?

0621 Hertz

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There is no military obligation even after you graduate OCS, it doesn't start until you commission as a 2nd Lt in the Marine Corps.

Additionally since you are a college sophomore and just getting started in the program, you can go for the 10 week PLC program next summer (2020), before your senior year of college. You commission (if you choose to accept it) when you receive your diploma.

You can DOR (Drop on Request) after your first liberty weekend at OCS, I think about 3-4 weeks in actually. If you're motivated and determined to go through the program like you say you are, I would not even mention the DOR process.