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Map of Airfields with Gear


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This seemed like the most appropriate place to post since all those other nerds don't have a tailhook, if you have the authority to move threads and feel this should be somewhere else feel free to move it.

Occasionally I get a "503 Error" message when clicking the link. Refresh the page and it should clear. Also, a couple people have told me pins aren't showing up in places that have gear, scroll down the list to see if you can find it on the right to confirm it's not listed, or refresh the page to see if the pin comes up. If it's definitely not there let me know and I'll add it! Last note, google maps sometimes wouldn't let me pin the exact airfield and just pinned the mailing address or front gate of the base.

https://www.mapcustomizer.com/map/Airfields with Arresting Gear


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Why would you use Google Maps when you have Skyvector and/or a GPS database in most of your planes?

Your diverts will be fairly canned, and there are enough military bases around the country for en-route diverts on XC.

Instead of researching fields with gear on a three day weekend, you should be drinking beer in order to prepare your liver for the Super Bowl...


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Yup tried to do it in skyvector, couldn't figure out how to plot points without all those course lines. If you know how to I'm all ears. Also, I was actually a couple beers deep last night when I did this, it took 30 mins while watching TV.


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I presume JMPS has all that data in it somewhere. My RNAV display tells me what fields have gear, so it must be in there somewhere.


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Is there a way to have an overlay on foreflight of all fields with gear?
Not that I know of (though there might be), but when planning a flight it is very easy to check by fields at/near your destination for arresting gear by using the airport diagram view.


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Some day I'll have an instrument rating and be able to use an Ipad.......:(
If you aren’t using sky vector at home to come up with the route, then using the gouge excel sheet/JMPS to make the card, you are wrong.


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About $500 is stopping me right now. But in all seriousness I plan on getting one in the next week or so, I held off as long as I could but foreflight seems just too valuable. I'm defintely using skyvector currently, and definitely not using JMPS.


WingX Pro7, which is free for mil, has an overlay function with arresting gear plotted on it. Not as pretty an interface as Foreflight, but just as functional.