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Man-cave/I-love-me wall ideas?


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
This gives me an idea for a bro vet T shirt: kind of a mashup of the knight crusader/dude in chain mail armor carrying sword and shield motif but also wearing a flight helmet. Helmet image comes in a choice of helo helmet or jet helmet styles but there's an upcharge for putting your squadron crest on the shield, all knights carry a shield... duh (or no charge for just a generic shield, which FYI might get you clobbered in battle when your friends don't recognize you).



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Addition of the helmet roost is pretty cool. Not in the market myself. My sword is resting in elk antlers like Col Roosevelt's in moose antlers. Was thinking wings and just helmet roost with no sword mount would be nice for those without swords or when you get around to aircrew wings.
I can do them in any configuration, including A/C wings.