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Links to Reserve Billets

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Here are some of the links you can go to look for open reserve billets:
(I myself am spending the summer in Europe on one so they do exist....)

www.navres.navy.mil (the Navy Reserve website)

www.EUCOM.mil (European Command)

www.PACOM.mil (Pacific Command)

www.CENTCOM.mil (Central Command)

www.SOUTHCOM.mil (Southern Command)

www.JFCOM.mil (Joint Forces Command)

www.defenselink.mil/ra/ (general purpose reservists' website)

http://cce.nwc.navy.mil/ (Naval War College website)

For pay issues there is www.dfas.mil

For records and admin (i.e., BUPERS) there is https://www.bol.navy.mil/default.asp?cookies=yes


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Some good places to start when looking for AT. Also useful if you are thinking of the Reserves and want to know what fun and different things there are to do out there. In the fun and different catagory is duty with EUCOM or NAVEUR. I spent a few years as a drilling reservist on the staff of NAVEUR in London and on some of their exercises. Anyone with a question about duty in London or with NAVEUR ask away.
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