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Yeah, I missed it too. I guess that's what happens when work gets in the way.
Eh, looked through the posts leading to his leaving the site- Theres really no one douchebag that cause A4's to leave... While I personally think he brought a lot to the table re: sea stories and experiences, it seems he lost sight of the fact that even while this site is an internet "ready room", it is still the internet. Former ranks don't apply and his opinions and words hold only as much weight as everyone else's. He couldn't handle the idea that people had conflicting views with him, and viewed dissenting opinions as personal attacks against him and he eventually quit over it. If there was one specific person whose devotion to PCness caused him to run away from this site- then that rests only on A4s. Whether we like it or not, those who currently serve have to agree and support the political correctness of the modern day military, regardless of their personal opinions on the matter. If they can't, then they are welcome to quit and walk away, just like A4s did. That doesn't make them any better or worse of a person- thats just the way it has been, and will continue to be. Was there a loss of good inputs as a result of A4s departure? Sure... there was a also a loss of tantrums as well. He may have been a good guy, but just like the military and the airlines before it, this website has continued on without his presence. If he wants to come back I'm sure he could (just like he did the first time he left the site)- if not, no use crying over spilt milk.


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Enough, guys. There's already other A4s threads.

(Not directed specifically at you, Zippy).