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Kingsville and Meridian TRAWING SOP


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Ladies and gents,
This SOP is a joint venture between KRock and Meridian so this post applies to both TRAWINGS. Know the small stuff which is written in the SOP and LIVE it. Whether you like it or not abide by it until you leave either base. Be cautious of pics you post on this website. My advice, don't post any. You have to have CO's permission to take a camera with you and I can guarantee SNA's will not be allowed. I know your excited about the greatest experience of your life but be smart. Don't post pics which can be detrimental to your career. IP's do read this site. Don't force them to figure out who you are and be forced to take action. If you haven't read the SOP: READ IT! It's the Man's Jets and the SOP is how the Man wants his Jets flown. Take my advice. Semper Fly


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Thread stuck, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle over time.


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Solid Advice from Frumby

Sage advice from Frumby. Picture taking without permission from the CO or Commodore is strickly forbidden. I have allowed photo and video in cockpit for training and/or updates to lectures. On occasion, I will allow cameras in the cockpit during non dynamic flights such as baby-forms, but not often. I find that aircrew get easily distracted (it's easy to lose SA at 250+ knots) and some will "ham" it up for the camera. Flying is a dangerous business and requires all your skills and attention. Just like talking on a Cell phone while driving can cause accidents (or $50 ticket on base) taking photos while flying can lead to lethal consequences. Be careful and keep your SA high. :icon_mi_6


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I will be checking into TW1 in about a month, but was wondering if anyone has the SOP or any of the other pubs in digital format?


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At least you used the search function... albeit, a little misdirected on the 'topic'. Here's the outdated pubs we use, gives you a GENERAL outline of the info. Wait until you arrive for the SOP stuff. FTI's are mostly garbage, but have good stuff between the lines. Search through CNATRA'a website too for MCG etc.