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IWC Board 10 JUN 2019


New Member
I didn't see any other threads about this upcoming board.
Who else is submitting for this next board? I'm wrapping up my package in the next couple days.


I'm finishing up some paperwork now about degree completion but I'm applying CW to this board. I am pretty excited as this is my first round at applying.


New Member
I am also applying for this board. Applying for IP and my first time submitting a package. We'll see if some magic happens!
My package is already good to go for this board. Applied for SWO and Intel. I will find my SWO results in a couple of days I guess. Have to wait for this one as well


New Member
Everyone get their package in? Still awaiting my Master's degree completion plan paperwork from my academic advisor.


New Member
Applying for intel for this board as well. Package details listed below. Good luck to all.

Active Duty: IS2
Evals: MP (Periodic), EP #2 of 23 (Periodic), EP #2 of 34 (Periodic)
Undergrad: 3.9 GPA Bachelors in Intelligence Studies
OAR: 50
Age: 25
LORs: O-6 (CNAL N2), O-6 (IWC), O-6 (CAG)
Appraisals: O-5 (N2), O-5 (SIO), O-5 (Former Skipper)
Applying for: INTEL
Board Date: 10JUN19
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New Member
I received confirmation from NRC yesterday that my package is complete and will be forwarded to the board for review. Good luck!!

Active Duty: ET1 (IW/SW/AW)
Evals: E-5 #10 of 67 EP (Periodic), E-5 EP #2 of 66 (Periodic), E-6 EP #1 of 13 (Frocked)
Undergrad: 2.94 GPA Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology
OAR: 48 waiver
Age: 31
Appraisals: O-6, O-6, O-5
Applying for: IP
Board Date: 10JUN19
This is my second time applying, had issues getting into the December board and got a non select for the March board. Good luck everyone!