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Is ptosis something to be concerned about?


New Member

I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm a former enlisted Marine finishing up my last year in college. I'm currently competing for a Marine air contract. I was born with ptosis of my right eyelid. It doesn't affect my vision at all but is definitely noticeable. I went to the VA a year ago to try to get cosmetic surgery covered; I tried so hard to make it seem worse than it was, but still they deemed that it didnt affect my vision, so they would not cover the surgery.

My question is, is congenital ptosis something that could get me dq'd? There doesn't seem to be very much information on it. I've read a few articles in medical journals about ptosis, but couldn't really find anything related to flying other than checking for peripheral vision, which if I raise my eye brows to make both my eye lids go as high as possible, I actually have slightly better peripherals with my ptosis side. I've considered just paying for surgery to get it fixed, but I'm worried about delaying my going to OCS which I would prefer not doing if I didnt have to. Also, surgery would be expensive.

Sorry if this question is a bit neurotic but flying for the Marines has been a dream of mine since childhood. I've already killed my ASTB and my PFT, and I know that my vision is good. It's just the thorough-ness of the flight physical that scares me.