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IP career progression


Active Member
I am about to leave for OCS but before I do If anyone has some insight as to what the career progression if for IP officers that would be great.I know I would probably go to Dam Neck VA for my first few months but I have no idea what the material is or anything after that honestly. Thanks

J. Azevedo

New Member
I am no expert, but what i can relay from my one of my mentors is that after completing IP Basic, you will most likely station for 2-3 years at a NCTAMS or to a lesser extent an NCTS (like Italy or Japan). After that I have heard you will do a Communications Officer tour at Sea. After that the path is open to Naval Post. Grad or Special Programs if you want to apply or if you already have your Master's degree.

One thing that was made clear is that while you will complete the knowledge of the IP Basic course, you will not qualify in the PQS until your first duty station. I imagine that is because of the hands on portions that become more necessary in PQS as you do 200 and 300 sections.

Like I said, I'm no expert, maybe an active O can expand on this topic. in the meantime, I hope this helps!