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Introduction and Question about path

Diego A

New Member
Hello all. My name is Diego and I am a civil engineering student in Fort Myers, Florida. I have my private pilot airplane license and am working on instrument and then commercial. I plan to become a coroporate/charter/cargo prof. pilot. I have been inquiring about going the OCS route to build time, in whichever branch and have narrowed it down to probably the coast guard as my go. I can do the CPSI and the WiFl for flight school. After extensive research, I've come up with a few questions:

What does the commitmen/pay-back time consist of? Flying or something aviation related?

What if one got "sick" of the military before finishing their time?

Is C-130 time looked down upon vs say, C5 or KC135 time?

Forgive me in advance for my ignorance.

God bless.