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Hyperhidrosis Waiver?


New Member
Hey everyone,

I was recently selected for the STA-21 program and I've run into a weird problem:

Just last year my doctor documented me having hyperhidrosis after being tested for diabetes (which came back negative) based on one occurrence of night sweats. I don't actually think I have this condition and I'm working on trying to get it removed from my medical record. My PCM did my physical screening and marked me as qualified but annotated this condition and BUMED is asking for information related to my hyperhidrosis condition. Even after I submitted the paperwork related to the visit that resulted in being diagnosed with hyperhidrosis they're still asking for more records, but I don't have any? I understand they want all applicable health-related information but they sent me an email stating that what I provided wasn't enough.

I've read the manual and it states that hyperhidrosis is medically disqualifying for service unless it is treatable with medication. I have the medication prescribed to me but I haven't taken it because I don't have a sweating problem and my doctor said the side effects would dry out my skin.

If I can't get it removed in time, would I be medically disqualified from a commissioning program even though I'm active duty? It just sounds silly to me that I can be enlisted but not be eligible for an officer ascension program.


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It seems it is your destiny to 'ascend' as Aquaman rather than as a Navy officer. 😆


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It just sounds silly to me that I can be enlisted but not be eligible for an officer ascension program.
I have seen this happen several times, one had a one star involved that ended up still being a no, there was one who was on my ship went to OCS and it was found out they missed something in the medical record so they were not able to continue on.

It is possible that you could be waivered but then restricted to certain designators.


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So what was the basis of the diagnosis? How did they know you had “night sweats”? Did they do hyperhidrosis-specific tests? Sounds like “oh by the way” diagnosis.

Seems like one plan of attack would be to find a legitimate expert in hyperhidrosis, and get them to give you a negative diagnosis, or at least a much more accurately metered one. Johns Hopkins has a center for sweat disorders...



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@Gaduunka I would recommend trying your hardest to talk to a doctor that could give a negative diagnosis. Has anyone not ever had night sweats (with a fever? after a long port call?). As long as it's not something that happens under everyday circumstances, do what you need to do.

Your chain of command should be willing to help you out. If you haven't talked to them yet, do so ASAP. There are sleep centers etc that could likely do it, I am not smart on Hyperhidrosis though.


New Member
Thanks for the replies everyone. I have been working with my chain of command on getting me seen by medical to get it removed. I'm really nervous about it and it's been incredibly difficult to get a final word on my status since it's the holiday time and everyone is on leave (Including BUMED). It's been overwhelming to actually get picked up for STA-21 SWO but then to run into a wall like this.

There weren't any hyperhidrosis-specific tests done, my doc just marked it in my medical record. I'm not doctor, but I really don't think I have this; I don't even break a sweat running until after 2 miles at a fast pace.