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Heightening my chances of becoming a pilot.


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Good Evening, I am currently a 24 year old soon to be 25 by next month Active-Duty Operation Specialist in the Navy. I've wanted to become a Naval Aviator since I was just at kid (9 years old). I wanted to ask aside from good grades should I do to give myself a Leg up over other candidates applying for Naval Aviator through OCS? To tell you a little bit about myself, as said I am 24 years old on Active Duty in the Navy at the same time a Full-Time Student at Tidewater Community college going for my Engineering Associates with a CGPA of 3.5 by the end of Summer 2020. I aim to transfer to Old Dominion University to finish my Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace. I am also working on my Private Pilot License which I am hoping to have by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. I also volunteer with the local Military Aviation Museum. I want to ask would it better my chances of getting selected for Naval OCS and a Naval Aviator Contract if I continue all the way to my CFI/CFII and MEI as well as obtain endorsements like High Performance, Complex, Aerobatic, High Altitude and Tail Wheel? Also I am thinking of getting certified in skydiving and SCUBA should I go for them and while applying for OCS should I work on my Masters in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering? I also want to know if in order for my to get picked up for pilot should I also apply for Marine Corps, Army and Air Force OCS/OTS while I am on active duty if I get a conditional release in order to better my chances of getting a Pilot Contract if so how would I go about doing that? I will take my ASTB after my Bachelors, I just want to wait until I am done so I can focus on that and aside from books how and where can I study for the ASTB because if I just study from the book for stuff like the Math and Mechanical Comprehension it might become memorization instead of actually prepping? I know I am asking for a lot but I really could use all the advice and/or inputs I can get in order to make this dream a reality so any advice would be great advice.


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You're unfortunately taking the same tack as many new hopefuls, and spamming the forum with the same questions that have been asked and answered here for over 15 years. Please do a search, and read and study what's already been posted. Then, if you still have specific questions, ask those, and the community will be glad to help. Also, one thread per topic, please. All the members can see all the public forums anyway.

If you're an active duty OS, I highly recommend that if you have aviators who you work for, that you also hit them up with your questions about the community. We've got a large mix of folks here, including active duty JOs, active and reserve O-4s to O-6s, and retired folks too. But the aviators you work with will also be in the best position to know you and advise on your situation.


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Biggest advice I can give is be ready for the community college to university workload change. I went from a 3.95 to a 2.95 in my first semester as an aerospace engineering transfer. Dean's list every other semester after settling in, but the transition smoked me pretty good.


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What the others said.

Also, keep in mind that by the time you take the ASTB, do NOT shoot for the minimum set (35/5/6/6, if I remember precisely). Wring the test out to dry with the best score that you can get. Hell, utilize all your 3 given lifetime tries if you have to.