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Grades hurting chances at NUPOC/OCS?

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I'm currently in my second year of college, Electrical Engineering major, Economics and Math minors. I have a 3.35 GPA overall, but I have two C's- one in Differential Equations, and one in Relativity & Quantum Mechanics. Will this significantly diminish my chances at a NUPOC (Sub) or OCS (Sub) slot? I'm on track to graduate a semester early, if that changes anything. Other than those C's, I'm think I'm good otherwise- I can do well on the PFT, no medical/legal problems, I go to a senior military academy (so I can probably hack OCS), and I am male.


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Maybe, maybe not. I got accepted as a Nuc with a 3.06 overall, 10 Cs on my transcripts, and I'd already graduated. I was a Physics major with Math and Astronomy minors.

My saving grace was my SAT scores - 1490 overall. They really do look at the 'whole person'.


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I was accepted with a 3.22 BS in Mechanical Engineering. I had one C on my transcript in Engineering Materials. I had a 27 on the math ACT and a 25 on the VERBAL which isn't anything to brag about.

I was just at the interviews last Friday and they are really hurting for SUB/Nuke's right now. They even tried to get some of the academy grads that were there with us NUPOC candidates to change from SWO(N) to Nuke/SUB at the last minute.

With your grades you shouldn't have any problems getting into NUPOC right now anyways. You never know, the needs of the Navy changes like the weather so act fast!

Good Luck
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