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Good Practice/Refresher in Physics & Mechanics for ASTB?


I haven't done physics since 12th grade, I don't really recognize a lot of these terms and I don't remember electrical system diagrams. I highly doubt I'm the only guy in this situation, what do people recommend to freshen up on this stuff, other than the gouge posted here. Any books or anything out there that are particularly useful for just that section of the test?



This site is pretty good. Also the stuff in the ARCO book. None of the material on the test is terribly deep. Just use common sense and you should be good to go.


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search the site for the marine guide with the f-18 on it. It explains the formulas for the problems. Pretty basic math overall. I dont remember electrical graphs being on it.
When I took it a month ago, my version had circuits where you had to know about current with resistors and such. stuff you could look up easily even on wikipedia. This was pretty much exactly the test as I took it: http://www.airwarriors.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5990 Also check out this site http://www.ososb.com/ososb-links.htm

best of luck!
Yea I was looking at the uploaded gouge, it had circuits on there and I don't really remember that stuff.

I take it if I wikipedia everything on that prep test I'll be in good shape, but I hear mixed reviews about the ARCO books. Anybody use Barron's?
I tracked that Marine Corps prep packet everybody talks about based off of one of your links - thanks, that was incredibly helpful, exactly what what I was looking for. It's to the point and covered all the questions I would have missed. I think I'm good for the math part and the spacial apercation or however you spell that one. Navy history might be an issue... I didn't know the father of the Navy on the prep test. I didn't see John Adams on the list of choices and I was pretty damn sure he was the guy. Some of the other stuff like port and starboard lights were easy from sailing.

Anybody know where I could look for Navy history stuff?


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Barron's Pilot and flight aptitude book has a whole bunch of jargon, and important Navy dates in history...or use the internet.


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No problem. Thats what this site is here for. I haven't taken the ASTB yet, but I can tell you it helps a lot as far as refreshing certain information (algebra and trig skills) and introducing you to new material such as the jargon and nautical information. Good luck!


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I'll concur that the Barron's book is very very good. I thought it was harder than the actual test - when I took the ASTB, I was surprised by how easy it was compared to the material I studied (actually, it made me kind of nervous how easy the test seemed). Worked out well for me, so I'll highly recommend that book.