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But wow, people aren't kidding when they say SWOs get promoted ASAP. I recognize a couple names on there with 8 years TIS.


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I'm currently applying for DCO and hoping I will get selected. Based on the timing, officers get their O4 selection board about 9-11 years since the date of commissioning. I have 4 years of active duty (and 4 years of IRR but I did not do points so those years are not qualifying). So assuming I get selected, I'm going to be looked at for O4 promotion with 13-15 years of service. If I get passed over twice, what are my options to get my 20 years of qualifying service?

  1. Apply and get approved for officer continuation as O3. How likely is it that it can work?
  2. Transfer to the national guard or a different branch of service? Is it even possible after failing to promote to O4?
  3. Resign the commission and enlist into the reserves for 5 years to get the required 20 years?
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Honestly, focus on getting commissioned first. Selection board stats are going to be a world different by the time you are eligible for O4, assuming you get selected for DCO.


You are eligible for promotion at 9 years commissioned service. When I was commissioned, I had 7 years total qualifying service. When I made O4 at 9 years commissioned service, I had 16 years total years of qualifying service.

If you 2xFOS for O4 you are out unless you get continuation. Read here. You can also call PERS-801 (number on the web site link).


Here is what it may look like for you assuming got commissioned this month. You are retirement eligible at 20 total qualifying years of service. At least you will have 4 years when you start. Most have zero.

So, if you 2xFOS for O4 you will do so at between 13 - 14 total years of qualifying service and will get the boot. The two people that I know who 2xFOS for O4 were both prior enlisted and were already at 20 total years of qualifying service, so they retired as LT/O3's.

Going enlisted is not going to help either as when you hit High Year Tenure (HYT) in for your rank, you will get kicked to the Volunteer Training Unit (VTU) which is the same as SELRES but with no pay.



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Goldmine. I also read through the FITREP writing presentation, that is fantastic stuff and I've never seen a format like that anywhere.