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FERS and TSP contributor!
I’m playing with the ad settings and messed up the code that prevents them showing to contributors. Should have that fixed shortly.

Site speed will probably be adversely affected while I am optimizing and then get better than it was before. We shall see.
That explaines the PornHub ads....

mad dog

I don’t see a dislike button...so how does that dislike thing work?

Anyway, here’s some shit for you knuckleheads to dislike...I busted my shuttle cart at my VA volunteer shuttle driver job yesterday and the VA Bobcat had to fetch it...more specifically, I somehow busted the steering mechanism [even though I didn’t hit anything]...my boss, a Marine, is pretty pissed off at me right now...




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Will AW's have the new Red Blood Droplet Emoji available? It should become an Official NAVY signal flag as well. With only one rule of course. Vessel is prohibited from exhibiting Red Drop Flag while displaying the visual signal for Not Under Command.