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Flying with Oxygen Mask


Will fly for food.
Make sure you clean your mask after every flight. Wiping it down with alcohol goes a long way towards helping it work. At least that’s what I found.


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The first time I strapped on an O2 mask in the back seat of a T-28 on a BI flight, I said to myself "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

The first time I tried on my newly issued torso harness in preparation for FAM-1 in a straight-wing night radial interceptor in Meridian, I said to myself "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

The first time I spent a few days "stuck" on a carrier, after weather moved in during the middle of CQ in TA-4Js, and thought I was gone to die of boredom, I said to myself... well, you get the idea.

My advice in regards to the mask...deal with it. You'll eventually get a better fit, you'll get used to it, and you'll find more important things to bitch and/or worry about.


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Looking to get some info on what it’s like flying with the oxygen mask. Is it difficult at first or do you hardly ever notice it?
Wore a mask in the hypoxia simulator in API and found it tiring to suck down air even at 100% o2.
It’s not bad and most people adjust quickly. You’ll get your own mask (and gear) issued to you for the duration of primary training. If you’re having trouble breathing (our flow valve) or having fit issues, let the PRs know and they’ll help you out. Also tell your instructor so they can help you out. We don’t want to fly with a student troubleshooting gear issues. You should be 100% ready to go out and fly an X, not fiddle fucking with flight gear.


you'll be so busy thinking during the flight that you won't even notice the mask. just make sure you move and adjust the 'mic' to a comfortable spot BEFORE you go fly.


They have the new smoothbore outflow valves now that don't get stuck. I was pretty bad about cleaning mine and never had an issue.
unless I'm using older gear, they still can and do occasionally. just requires a proper cleaning every now and then (and the post-use wipe down with alcohol swabs). additionally alot of people finger fuck the left side valve too aggressively which can mess up the mask as well.