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Feed the AW Addiction?


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Need something to feed your AW addiction? :tongue2_1

Impulsive about hitting that 'New Post' link?? :)

Want to know the latest on the Skeeterman scandal?!? :D

After doing some research on the interweb, looks like RSS feeds are built into vBulletin and turned on! (thanks mods)

You can pump this into any RSS feeder, but if you use FireFox, you can just put this into the URL and hit "Subscribe"


For RSS version 1, just replace RSS2 with RSS1 and for RSS v.92 just put RSS. Also XML and JS (Javascript) feeds are available by replacing the type in the URL. Most likely you'll just use the posted URL and be fine.;

lastpost=1 enables the RSS feed to look at the last post date, not first post date to organize the latest edited threads. If you only want to see new threads, take the whole part out, including the ampersand (&). (&lastpost=1)

If there are only specific forums on AW you want to see, you can go to that forum and read the 'forum id' at the end of the URL and place &forumids=10,43 (for example 10 = Naval Reserves and 43 for ASTB) at the end of the RSS URL and hit "Subscribe."

Unfortunately the RSS feeds (as far as I know right now) does not work the same as the "get new" and track what you've read...

I promise I searched the forums 6 ways from Sunday before I posted this, so hopefully not a dupe.



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I've said it before, and here it is again....




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Good post, making it a sticky... Yeah, I enabled this feature back in 05, when I was in Japan, was handy to view the posts on my cellphone (yeah, I had no life, but mind you, I was working behind a desk)...