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Explanation of "scroll" process and Timeline of events until receipt of COMDOCs


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Completed an hour worth of paperwork today and will don the Dress Blues tomorrow for the official transition to Ensign! I can't wait! As it turns out, my entire family is coming. Mom and dad will put on the soft shoulder boards, big and little sisters will uncover the sleeve rank and boyfriend will put on the cover. It seems so silly, but I'm so excited!

Is there anyone else out there still waiting for FINSEL or DOCS?

Oh, and for anyone whose interested in timelines, here's mine:
2/18/2009 Contacted (current) recruiter
2/24/2009 First Interview
4/18/2009 MEPS (Found PQ'd) (NW district does MEPS prior to the board for efficiency)
5/6/2009 two more interviews
5/27/2009 Submitted packet to Supply Board
7/27/2009 Supply Board met
8/10/2009 Received notification on acceptance
**wait for it**
12/21/2009 Scrolls come back
**wait for it**
2/8/2010 Final Select letter in! (dated 1/28)
2/9/2010 COMDOCS in!
2/18/2010 "deskside commissioning"
2/19/2010 Official Commissioning!

(note, it too literally one year to the day to complete the process!)


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Congratulations Duck and Dog!! Looks like I'm the only one that is planning everything in one whack. My swearing in and paperwork planned on same day as my formal ceremony in front of family/friends in a couple of weeks. I figure that I've waited two years so what the heck, what's a couple of more weeks. You all will just be an inch closer to pension when the time comes. :p Congrats again to everyone.


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Hi all!

I am indeed still waiting for both FINSEL and COMDOCS. I was on the OCT scrolls with everyone else, have a squeaky clean package, and I am drilling reservist with a complete security clearance. My recruiter isn't too forthcoming and definitely doesn't check up on my status daily, so the best I can figure is that I lucked into the bottom of someone's pile. I truly wish that I had another resource who could look into o-tools on a daily basis and call Millington if need be.

Does anyone have any advice? Are any other selectees still waiting without some sort of reasonable hold?




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I commissioned today as a 1635. Some advice might be to contact your processor who will probably see your final select letter before your recruiter. I never saw my final select letter until today.


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Interesting. I'm in the same boat on the letter. Some people got them in the mail, but I've never seen it and I'm also a DCO select from September. I guess I'll see it when I swear in.

Devil Duck

I haven't seen my FINSEL yet. I imagine a copy will be provided tomorrow. My recruiter did not provide a copy of the scroll or selection announcement either - got both of those from Charlie. Having worked for the government my entire adult life, in one capacity or another, I know the exact cause of the inequity - bureaucracy. Bureaucracy = people. The government moves at its own pace. Some instances at a quicker pace than others - nothing personal.


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As far as showing up in uniform, when you report to your unit, you should by Navy instruction, wear your SDB's when reporting to a new command. I did, because I knew about it from my time as a corpsman. I received more than one comment about being "squared away" because I showed up in the correct uniform when I reported. For the first indoc day I just wore my khaki's. Remember that your first impression is the most important.
Great advice, Boom! No second chances on first impressions. This should be done every time you report to a new unit.

Devil Duck

Alright, I'm legit. Now, I need a USNR CAC. Any guesses on how long it'll take to show up in DEERS? My recruiter is guessing two weeks. First INDOC drill will occur the last weekend of March.


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To add to timeline events: I'm raising my right hand on Friday. Whoo hoo! Now, what have I gotten myself into??? Suddenly it's real!

To document my own experiences: Non-prior service...

February 2009- Contacted Recruiter
April 2009- Application submitted
June 2009- Went in front of officers for professional community assessment
July 2009- OAR (54)
October 2009- Pro Rec'd
October 2009- Medically Qualified
January 2010- FINSEL Letter sent
February 2010- COMDOCs arrived
February 26 2010- Raise Hand.


Alright, I'm legit. Now, I need a USNR CAC. Any guesses on how long it'll take to show up in DEERS? My recruiter is guessing two weeks. First INDOC drill will occur the last weekend of March.
Duck congrats!!! You too Dog! And you too SGT2ENS :)

I'm so proud of you guys! It took me a full two weeks to get gained into the system. You MUST ask admin to check on your stuff though. I had a "hold" because they didn't have a page two filled out, but since they never bothered to check what was holding it up, we just waited. It wasn't until two weeks had passed and my unit started inquiring for me, that they noticed the hold up. Once that was done that day, two days later I was gained into the system and in DEERS. So, to answer your question, could be a matter of days if it's checked on daily to look for snags, or up to two weeks for your unit (God bless Chiefs) to start inquiring for you before anything is done.

Pretty big range from a couple days to two weeks but I hope it helps.

Congratulations again guys! WHO will be in April's class?

I don't want to get yelled at alone lol :p Misery loves good company!!!


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Hello all,

Guess there are a few July Suppo who are still waiting for Finsel and Comdocs. I am one of them. We have to resubmit SF86. I thought once we made scroll, clearance should have been done already. SGT2Ens, sound like you have to surrender your foreign passport. Do you have to renounce your citizenship or you have done that already.



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Just received a copy of my Final Select letter, which was dated 28 FEB, so hopefully COMDOCS will be in next week. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to make the April DCOIC with everyone else, since that course is showing "Full - Waiting List Only", still going to try, but not optimistic. :)

Devil Duck

Two weeks after raising my hand and I still haven't seen my FINSEL and am not yet loaded in DEERS (so no CAC). I feel like a phony ensign. I did get an email from NPC today requesting copies of my DD214 and discharge for my record, so I must be in some system.