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USN Enlisted Hoping to Apply for USNA next year; trying to decide on what to do on deployment


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I'm an IT2 in the P-8A community (not a squadron, though) who'll be deploying next year. I will have my EAWS before deployment, and EIWS (Enlisted Information Warfare Specialist) will be offered by one of the commands I'll be working with on deployment.

I also have the opportunity to use TA and get some more college done on deployment. My plan was to take Physics I, and Calculus II. I'm finishing Calculus I this month.

I think I'll be too busy with detachments and what not to do two college courses, complete IW, and still complete the mission. Would the admissions board look more favorably on two college courses done and only one warfare pin? Or should I take one college course and enroll in IW? If so, which course should I pick?


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I don't know but I would seek a USNA grad in your command who can find your a blue and gold officer to field your question about selection chances.