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E-2 Hawkeye/C-2 Greyhound


Visiting Faculty at SLU
Super Moderator
So is bringing the COD aboard one of the toughest jobs in Naval Aviation? It seems it's no picnic. Is it because of the sheer difficulty in flying that the C-2 / COD community does not do night ops at the boat?

From what I've heard from people who have flown multiple T/M/S, the COD is the toughest to bring aboard. I only know that the 8 blade is a little bit tougher if you are overpowered at all (less of a bucket on the bottom) while the <5' centerline tolerance can be tricky when the deck is moving.

As for night, that has to do with maintenance cycles and currency requirements. Since there are no pax overwater at night, and because the most efficient configuration is mixed pax/cargo, doing both day and night operations resulted in no more net cargo/pax moved than during day only. When you add on the additional maintenance times as well as the night CQ currencies, it became a case of the juice not being worth the squeeze.

I give credit to the guys who used to bring it aboard at night. The cockpit lighting used to be horrendous before we got the upgrades.

So if you hamfist the controls and bolter, is is safe to say that the egg is on you?

Who doesn't love flying with eggs? Good catch.