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Drilling Reserve/IRR time towards time in service and active duty retirement


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I attempted to search a few different terms, but the specificity of my situation makes it somewhat tough to find an accurate answer.

If accepted to go to OCS and fly (fingers crossed), how does my time spend as an active duty enlisted Marine, drilling reservist, and time in the IRR count towards me as an officer? My situation: I enlisted and spent 5 years as an active duty Marine crewing H-1s, does my sea time carry over from enlisted deployments? When I came off active duty, I spent 2 years as a drilling reservist (SMCR). Do my SAT years as a reservist count towards active duty officer retirement time or do only my 5 years spent active duty count towards my 20? As far as total time in service, would I be coming in with 8 years (5 active, 3 SMCR/IRR)? I've gotten mixed answers on all of these questions via Google and recruiters.

Any advice or a finger pointed in the direction of the governing order(s) I could read would be fantastic. Thanks, folks.