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DCO Supply Chances and Selections


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For OR's,

My OR was been given a goal of 1 DCO for the current FY. Does that mean they will have 1 selected in there district? For instance, last yr., my OR wasn't given a goal and no one was selected in his district.
Not sure why that OR would share his goal with anyone, but the short answer to your query is “No”.

Selection has nothing to with what recruiting district an applicant is attached with.


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What @subreservist said is accurate. I was selected my second time around, both boards the selection rate was below 9%. You have to understand that EVERYONE applying is overqualified. It also depends on what the board is looking for. The year I was selected the board was targeting people with an acquisition background and there were a lot of public sector acquisition professionals (1102s) selected (I am not an 1102).

Is it worth it to apply again? I mean, that is up for you to decide. As far as making your package more attractive, there are several things you can do. You can quantify everything in your resume (# of people managed, how large of a budget have you managed, size of projects, etc.). You mentioned you did interviews with a CAPT and two CDRs. Where they SELRES SUPPOs or FTS? Make sure whoever is doing your interview is SELRES SUPPOs, the higher the better so target O6s. Chances are the board members may know who those CAPTs are and their opinion carries weight.

Expected 4-8 weeks before your OR has the results. Only the OR will have the results, they will not be posted online. The result will either be a Yes or a No, no feedback provided. Keep pushing.
Hi, thanks for replying. So all the officers I got interviews for are in SELRES, one was a DCO applicant himself. Another was also selected to be a SUPPO in a vessel.


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It says RE-3M (Marriage??)
KCC (Early Separation - other)
Narrative reason: Reduction in Force

do y’all think it might be a better path to try and enlist first, and submit a package from within?
I would take the chance and start the packet not enlisting first. I would not re-up in the Naval Reserves just for only this purpose...However if you find it in you the desire to continue serving for at least one more term then re-up! I would think about the worst case scenario (what if you don't get selected and your still in)....having to go to drill weekends, PT tests, and annual training, is that something you can commit to? what if your DCO packet doesn't go through? If you still find attractive, then yes....re-enlist!
I received word today from my OR that all boards have been postponed until further notice. There was no estimated date for when the Supply DCO board will now meet.


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Does anyone know if this year's board has been postponed or cancelled altogether? My OR doesn't seem to have an answer and was wondering if any of you may have some insight.