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Current T-45 Gouge?


New Member
Hello everyone,

I'll be checking into intermediate at kingsville soon and am on the search for any current gouge. It looks like the other threads are now several years old. Anything to focus on prior to starting? Any gouge is appreciated. Thanks!


Self aware since 2014
I just got selected jets in kingsville too. Mind shootin that gouge my way as well? :D
The real gouge never changed- live in Hunter's or Hawk's. Go to every winging party. Ride the King Kat. Drink your face off. Always wrap it up when playing OT with the locals (you never know when they may pull the goalie).

Go to San Antonio and Austin as much as possible.

If you don't know who the guy who is studying way too much and not hanging out with everyone else, it's you.

Have fun dude! KVegas is a great time.


Active Member
I remember seeing at some point on airwarriors a link to a pinned map with the locations of arresting gear. Been searching through the site and can't find it, anyone have the link por favor?