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Current SNA in API, are braces allowed ??


New Member
I’m currently an SNA in API and have been having some bad jaw pain going on for a year now. Ive seen a jaw specialist and was told that my bite was all jacked up and to relieve my jaw pain I’d need braces and probably have to have surgery down the road to fix it. I’ve toughed it out until now, as orthodontics are not allowed entering OCS, but the pain is present almost everyday.

Does NAMI grant waivers to SNA’s to allow them to get braces ? Kind of lost on who I should talk to as dental told me they have nothing to do with orthodontics. Has anyone else had a similar experience trying to get braces while in flight school ?
Appreciate any help.


Helo Advanced
I would talk to your class officer. They should be able to run it up the chain and see who you should get in contact with.


Registered User
I agree with talking to your class officer, and maybe your PCM. Keep in mind that braces make you non-deployable, so it probably comes down to whether they think there is any chance you would need to deploy in the next 18-24 months (probably not). So if they'd let you get them in flight school that would be ideal. Other wise you're going to have to wait several years until you're on your shore tour.