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Corpus T-6 transition


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Never put anything you’re not willing to live without in a T-6 baggage compartment.

My cross country m.o. included shoving board shorts in my g suit pocket, flip flops in the map case, and the one Florida approach plate/low chart usually ended up somewhere under the ejection seat.

This works great for key west ccx’s. Not so great if you’re headed for the Rockies.


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Speaking of Crown Royal and intake plugs... if you’re starting up at Boca Chica for a return from a weekend cross country, the aircraft will abort the start if the plug gets sucked straight down the intake making for an awkward walk around the aircraft to redo a preflight.

However, if the plug twists sideways during start and gets sucked down the intake that you’ll have no indication of anything abnormal until somebody notices it on the post flight walk inspection.

I’ve seen more than one person surprised by each.

Is this the preferred T-6 method for getting stuck in Key West?