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Completed, What Worked


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The Buckeye was awesome.

Used to fly the heavy tail birds all the time for inverted spins, each was slightly bent in its own unique way.


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I really liked the Tubby Two. Didn't look sexy but you could throw it around and not be too worried about getting in over your head. Notwithstanding the two engines to maintain, I think owning one of them would be a hoot.


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Thirdly, reps. Knowing something is great but the only way to cement your hard earned knowledge is reps. For example, after learning the EPs on paper for about a month I spoke the EPs while driving to base and then again driving home...Fifthly, chairfly. The ability to mentally put yourself in flight and focus intently on a profile helps with real world flights.
Congrats on your progress, and all great advice. Especially the chair flying. Here's a grad level tip.

The only time you'll ever need to know your EPs as a series of words is when you are not flying. So the best way to learn the EPs is as a series of actions you take in a cockpit. Read the EP, visualize the cockpit, and immediately work to embed the actions. You'll find that some that are sequential as a series of words become simultaneous as a series of actions.

I still remember the OCF EP from 1992 which was (roughly) throttle idle, boards in, controls centered (including rudder pedals - look at them), check altimeter (grab lower handle if too low) and then ASI and turn needle to analyze. All of that was a bunch of steps on a test, but one fluid action in the plane.

Learning them this way means you are translating actions in your mind into words on paper in a test, rather than translating words on paper into actions you take in an airplane. While it is on fire. 🙃