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Commissioning Physical Guidance for anyone going to an MTF

I've been seeing many Fleet/Active Duty applicants as well as those who have gotten their physical anywhere but MEPS "having difficulty" clearing N3M. Here's some tips/guidance to help with the process.

There's three commissioning physical forms you need to download/print:

DD 2807-1
DD 2807-2
DD 2808

There's medical documents you need to acquire:

5 years of medical records (including pharmacy records)
Medical documents from ANY serious treatment outside of that 5 years (LASIK, surgeries, psych, etc.)

1. Before you start your physical, fill out the 2807-2 and 2807-1, using the medical documents as your guide. Every YES answer needs to match what is on the medical documents (if applicable).
2a. Start the commissioning physical process. You will need a full eye exam, labs (HIV, drug urinalysis), hearing, and FULL dental exam before you see the provider. For the dental exam, ensure the Dentist stamps and signs 83A on the back of the DD 2808. For everything else, make sure it's filled on the commissioning physical paperwork AS WELL AS keep documents of every visit.
2b. If you are over 40, please get an EKG, glucose/lipids, and an IOP eye exam. If you're a female (regardless of age), ensure you have a pap done within 2 years and get the paperwork showing everything is normal.
3. When you finally see the provider, make sure he/she checks NORMAL or ABNORMAL for 17-42 on the 2808. This will get kicked back if anything is marked NE. If you are a male, item 41 can be checked NE since it only applies to females. Make sure the provider fills out 74A, 74B, 77 (if applicable) and stamps/signs 81A-81B. IN ADDITION, make sure the provider completes + stamps/signs the DD 2807-1 AND DD 2807-2.
4. When the physical is done, have an HM go through the three forms and ensure everything is accurate/inputted.

NOW, submit the following to N3M:

3 DD Forms
Pap smear (if you're a female)
5 years of records
EKG/IOP/Lipid + Glucose results (if 40+)

This should help with the process and avoid any sort of complications down the road. Good luck!

How long does it take for the drug labs to come back?
Probably a good question to ask the HM when you did it.
I ask because I haven't done it yet. I have EVERYTHING else complete but it was never explained to me that LAB meant drug test. I have the HIV printout already. I'm applying for AMDO in January and i'm worried I won't have the results back in time.